Gathering of Women

As tomorrow approaches I am anticipating the gathering of women that will happen around 4pm.  It is one of the first gatherings of women this year since Sister Spirit Sanctuary took a hiatus from September of 09 until now.

We  have planned for our circle to take place at a local park in an the open field so we can feel the earth under our feet. The weather channel says to expect scattered thunderstorms through out the day.  I have a portable dome with sides and a gazebo with no sides. I am planning on taking the dome and setting it up how ever, I’m not so sure how “circle” will work in the dome. There is a shelter there about 100 yards up the hill so if necessary we will use that.

It was supposed to thunderstorm and shower today but there was intermittent sprinkles. I am going to intend for this or less for the circle of Goddess women tomorrow.

And so it is!

I am so looking forward to meeting with the women. I wonder whose new face I’ll see and whose I’ve not seen in awhile.  I’m full of wonder and anxiety and I hope that I might be able to inspire them just a little.  I know the Goddess will be present in every way.

I believe that understanding and reclaiming our mysteries is fundamental in reclaiming female empowerment that has been suppressed for thousands of years. We have become victims when we are warriors; we have become the subservient, take a back seat and shut up slave to man when we are Queens who once sat on a throne.  We have been turned away from our source of power and strength and completely cut off from our Mother. I firmly believe we can never be fully empowered and free until we acknowledge and embrace our own sacred bleeding and honor it, cherish it for within it is the essence of all life.  This is my sacred work. It is not to make women believe or even teach them but rather to remind them of  Her (Goddess) and their deep connection to Her.  It is my intention that Sister Spirit Sanctuary provide the platform in which I can empower as many women that want to learn and remember.

Sister Spirit Sanctuary is the first and only women-born-women Goddess Temple here in Akron Ohio dedicated to Goddess, to women and their mysteries.

The Goddess Blesses Her Women!


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