Sister Circle in May

Since our first Sister Circle of the year was so wonderful we’ve decided to do it again!! Actually, to be honest, that was the plan all along. A once a month gathering of women where we create and experience sacred space among one another without judgment, without expectation other than being there with an open heart and open mind and the willingness to learn and maybe even share something new.

Eventually, we would like to grow into having many things happening during the month such as a specific study groups, workshops and other classes but for now the main goal is to gather together and experience the simple but powerful magic from that.  So with that said, our next “Sister Circle” will be on May 30th from 4pm-6pm. Place still undecided, however, as soon as that information is available I will be posting it.

Dress comfortably and according to the weather.  If it’s warm wear your flowing dresses and prettiest skirts. Jewel yourself up, adorn your beautiful self like the Goddess you are! Hey, if that’s not your thing, as not all of us get into what my sister and friend Louee-Lou call “fru-fru” then dress in whatever manner pleases you and you are comfortable.  The main thing is comfort!

Bring something to sit on, something sacred to sit on the altar and something for the feasting afterward.  Chances are, unless otherwise indicated, this will be the basics. Always bring something for the altar in thanks and/or sacred to you. We create this sacred altar together.  And that is magic!!

The website of Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of Goddess should be up and running soon. It’s live now however there is a place holder there where there should be a ‘home page’ because I’ve been too busy/lazy (take your pick as both apply. Oh the paradox!) however, I’ve set a goal to get it uploaded to my server and on the web.

So remember to mark your calendar for Sunday, May 30th 4pm-6pm.  As soon as the rest of details are worked out I will be updating and posting!!

Until then, Be well and Be Blessed!

Priestess Aura


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