A Gathering of Women

Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of Goddess

A Gathering of Women

Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of the Sacred Feminine

is a place where women-born-women gather celebration of themselves, their connection to one another and to Nature.  Women-born-women from different cultural backgrounds, political and sectarian beliefs gather in celebration of feminine values and the Divine Feminine Spirit, freed from the constraints of traditional patriarchal creeds.

Once a month, the women of Sister Spirit Sanctuary gather together in the spirit of creating and building the bonds of sisterhood and lend our energy to ritual that empowers us as women. The act of ritual keeps us present and aware of our purpose. We embrace our feminine values and know that they are good. We remember and reclaim our power as women and a spirituality that is uniquely our own.

As Women-born-women, we see ourselves and our life experiences and natural processes through our cycles of menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and death reflected in the rhythms of Nature. We reclaim these experiences that we share as sacred and honor them through celebration and ritual.

Although magic happens naturally, when women gather for the purpose of empowering our sweet souls, our monthly “Sister Circle” is not a “girls night out” or for the purposes of spell casting and magic. It is however, a spiritual, in many ways even political, woman-positive focused gathering in which the main objective is the empowerment of women through the celebration of the female connection to the universe as a magical part of our lives.

We welcome all women with a joyous and open heart to join us in celebration of the female spirit! Our Sister Spirit Circles is time spent exploring story, song, meditation, and ritual, art,  and other forms of creativity,  even dance! All intended to nourish the feminine spirit.

Come! Bring your pillow to sit on, your candle and personal effect for the altar. Enrich your spirit and mind and deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine within by sharing in a community of women dedicated to personal and spiritual growth and Sisterhood.

Feel free to bring your drums, rattles, guitars etc…And gather with your sisters and those who may become your sisters! Our Sister Spirit Circles meet every 4nd Sunday of the month from 4 pm to 6 pm at a location that is announced on our blog and Yahoo! E-list the circles are always free, however donations are appreciated and encouraged to help cover the cost of supplies when necessary.

Visit our website and sign up on our Yahoo! E-list for more information and specific locations.

http://sisterspiritsanctuary.com or contact Priestess Aura via email at moonpriestess69@yahoo.com


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very descriptive article, I loved that a lot.

    Will thsre be a part 2?

    1. priestessaura says:

      Thank you! Part 2 of what? A Gathering of Women?

    2. priestessaura says:

      Oh this circle was was on- going for quite some time. This circle is no more but I will be hosting future gatherings again.

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