Receiving Mama’s Support: July S3 circle

Ah, what can I say? The same thing I always say–every time the women gather in spirit of sisterhood, learning and sharing it is simply magic. It is empowering. It is something that can not be fully expressed in written word or picture but must be experienced.

Our sister circle meets on every fourth Sunday of the month and I find myself looking forward to that one day with women in sacred space. I look forward to the exploration of the Divine Feminine together and the awakening of consciousness that takes place within the circle and without.

Yesterday, July 25th was another beautiful and amazing gathering of women. New faces (we love when new women come to circle!) and familiar faces and faces we haven’t seen in a while were there.  Our circle just continues to grow in a healthy manner and we are grateful. Goddess brings the women!

Women come from all directions to share sacred space with us. Some even over an hour away.  I am feel blessed and honored that our circle of women have touched them in such a way they are willing to make that drive to be with us here in Akron, with this particular group of women, in this particular circle. That says a lot about the amazing circle of women we have!

Sunday’s July 25th circle was a different circle, with different energy but no less wonderful and amazing as it has always been.  We got off to a bit of a late start as we were waiting for a beloved sister who had previously thought she would not be able to attend and learned she’d be able to only shortly before the starting time.  Since she had a bit of a drive ahead of her, we decided to give it a bit and sit around upstairs chatting a bit longer before getting started. After about a 20 minute head-start we went into Temple space and created our altar. We used a vibrant red cloth only (which I typically always have on the altar in some way as symbol of our blood mysteries) as it read represents well the “Root Chakra” energy we were going to be working with.

Every put their personal effects on the altar and our candles, the little cauldron and chalice of water.  When it was set up it was simple but absolutely beautiful.

We then began our intros and then I briefly explained council as I do every circle.

This is where we “pass the rattle” and practice deep listening while every woman has a chance to share her truth or stories or new. Whatever she wants to bring to center, we lend her our undivided attention.

Even when minor interruptions happen like women coming in a little bit late, when they come quietly and get in circle the flow of the energy and sharing is easily contained.  So as the women arrived we continued our sharing and when all were finished, we then went into a moment of calm and breathing and grounding ourselves a little more deeply.

Smudging had already taken place earlier so when we were ready, we cast circle but this time we did something a little different.  I really wanted to engage the women, get them a little more involved with the calling and creating of our sacred space. After all, it is theirs as well as mine.  So this time I explained to them that I would evoke an element in the usual way however, I would like for them to add to, according to the element, what they wish to bring into the space we were creating.  It went a little like this:

“To the spirits of the East, the element of air, I awaken, stir and call forth the divine essence of your being, from deep places within our unconscious mind, from the places of creation in our womb, from the vast places of space and time, from above and below, as within as without I call forth the power of inspiration, of breath and of voice …..

Next sister added ” I call forth wisdom….and then another woman added ” I call forth butterflies” and then to the next woman, “I call forth new beginnings” and so forth until we were all the way around the circle again and ended with a pronounced “So Mote it Be!”

We continued in this manner with all of the elements and so when had finished evoking them, our circle was filled with the essence of the energies we called forth, from qualities of specific elements to the little creatures that represent or symbolize them. It was incredible.

I then evoked the Goddess Gaia, asking Her to bless our journey, bless our circle and to guide us and connect us to Her sacred wisdom. To allow us to find Her within reconnect to Her energy and learn to nurture ourselves, mind, body and spirit.

We started our “Journey Through the Chakras” series and the exploration of the archetypes associated with each chakra. This month we began at with the Root Chakra and the dysfunctional archetype of “The Victim” and the healthy archetype of “The Mother”.

We talked a bit about energy, what it is, how it works, how we are composed of energy and why need it. We then discussed energy in relation to the 7 main chakras in general but focus was specifically on the root chakra. The connection to the Earth and stability.  This led us into the archetype of “The Victim”.  We talked about ways in which we have cut ourselves off from the sustenance and nurturing of the Mother, of the Earth Herself and how we’ve found ourselves relating to archetype of “The Victim” at certain times in our lives.

We analyzed some questions for ourselves, explored some scenarios in which we have found ourselves to be victimized or played the victim at one time or another (or if we were victims now).  Through our discussion and understanding of the root chakra and it’s connection to the Earth Mother, and how we cut ourselves off from Her energy and support, we came to understand that we didn’t have to be victims. We understood that we have choices.  And the first step in not being a victim is taking responsibility for our lives.

We came to remember and understand that The Great Mother Gaia gives us the strength we need, the stability and the sustenance to nurture ourselves with Her energy.  When we are connected to Her, we can provide for ourselves; we aren’t dependent on another for our happiness and well-being. When we are connected to Mother and learn how to mother ourselves, our most basic needs are met and we are not struggling right into the depths of despair, playing victim.  Instead, we are supported as our needs are much more easily met.

We recognized by understanding the root chakra and the earth energy that it is vital to healthy spiritual, personal and physical growth that we remain grounded in the Earth Mother. She is our main source of stability and cutting ourselves off from Her, as many us have at one time or another, leads us right down the path of victim-hood.

We did some acknowledging of our feelings of being the victim and we affirmed individually out loud that we choose to release <insert feeling that kept us victimized> and allow ourselves step closer to oneness with the Great Mother Gaia and allow Her to sustain us, to guide us, to lead us to ourselves to nurture and mother ourselves.

We talked about in-depth how the root chakra relates to this and how we can keep that connection open, free and clear to receive the energy up from the earth into our body and into our sense of being. We did some breath work and a powerful meditation where we allowed our roots to stem down from our body right into the depth of the deep, dark, moist Earth to receive Her energy.  I encouraged the women to visualize a glowing, powerful red light at the base of our spine, slowly spinning at first and then gaining momentum until it began to grow larger, spin faster and became very bright. As we held the vision of a spinning red spiral at our root, we chanted “Gaia” several times to acknowledge the connection between Mother Earth and her daughters through the root.

We allowed a few moments for reflection, to embrace being fully present in the moment and to enjoy the feeling of energy flowing up and through our bodies.

After reflecting, I asked the women to stand up in the circle and I showed them some simple exercises they could do to keep the chakra open. A simple marching in place, stomping and even leg squats.  We did each a few times and then we once again chanted “Gaia” several times to acknowledge the connection.

We then had some brief discussion on what took place in the circle and then it was time to close.  We did the Self-Blessing ritual as popularized by Z.Budapest. It is something done at every circle (unless for some reason we forget!) because it is very empowering for women. We passed the cool, witchy looking mirror and the vial of oil around and each woman blesses herself. ( Note: We are going to get a full length mirror to place in the temple space for women to stand in front of and do the Self-Blessings rite. )

When were finished with that , a new sister graciously opened circle for us. We shared water between us and went upstairs to create our Goddess blessings bowls of clay and to feast on summer fruits and cheeses; chips and dips and even fried chicken! It was delicious!

It felt good to get our hands into the clay and allowing our inner child to play. Some of the women had some interesting suggestions as to how to soften up the clay! It was quite hysterical really. LOL

Our designs were as unique as we are. They were simple and beautiful just as we are.

(Later on, after everyone left I was left to my own to play with the left over clay and I created another Divine Beauty offering bowl/incense holder)

After a bit of clay making , a few left as they had long drives but those of us who stayed played the drums a bit. Some of us who had never experienced playing the drums had their first experience with it and seemed to enjoy it. I’ve not met anyone yet to this day who hasn’t played the drums and not enjoyed it! We played, we chatted, and played a bit some more until finally it was time to go.

These days are only once a month (for now) but I really look forward to the time spent with these amazing and incredible, beautiful magical women.  I consider it a privilege to serve these women in Her honor.

Blessed Be,


Next Circle: August 29th


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