Pleasure Principle: The Energy of the Womb Chakra

The monthly sister circle of Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of the Sacred Feminine is August 29thth 4 p.m to 6 p.m

Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of the Sacred Feminine is an open circle of women, for women who are seeking women-centered, Goddess-based spirituality. We are women who are building and experiencing sisterhood and self-empowerment through healing, education and ritual. We are based in Akron, Ohio.

Journey through the Chakras

Last month, we began our journey with chakras. Over the next several months, we will take a journey through the chakras exploring each chakras purpose and function as well as investigating the archetypes associated with each chakra. Our work will be centered on learning how to recognize if that chakra is out of balance and how to heal it with a variety of techniques.

This months theme: Sacral or Womb Chakra

We began our journey through the chakras at the beginning, the root chakra, learning to open and connect with the Mother for sustenance. Now we move up into our sacral or womb chakra.  The womb chakra is located in the in the pelvis, just below the navel near the sacrum. Its color is hot orange and its energy is water.  The foundation of the womb chakra is about promoting the physical enjoyment of life, affecting our over all feeling of well being and our sense to feel worthy and deserving of a good life.  Because it’s governed by the element of water it affects our emotional well being and because it does so, it can either assist us with attaining the highest degree of health and emotional satisfaction or be the most maladjusted energy center of all chakras.

The functions of a healthy sacral/womb chakra are dependent upon how well we take care of ourselves and reflects how much value our self and honor our own Divine spirit.  Having a healthy and strong sacral/womb chakra allows for us to experience the deep desires of creativity, spirituality, abundance and prosperity as well physical pleasures of life.  We understand that we are indeed worthy of happiness, love and abundance and will act in accordance to receive these things. We desire and seek to experience and enjoy the abundance as well as the happy and joyful moments of life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. While we may be generous and giving as well as helpful when needed, we also honor our boundaries and limitations and recognize when enough is enough. We do not allow counter-productive situations to deplete us of our vital life force energy nor will we just give to the point of unhealthy sacrifice of ourselves to make others happy or accepting of who we are.  This is the embodiment of what Ambika Waters in her book Chakras and Their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth” calls “The Empress” archetype.

When this chakra is unhealthy and unbalanced we are often exceedingly unhappy with our lives. We are constantly lending our energy to things that either does not serve to bring us emotional, physical or spiritual fulfillment or we become depleted by continuously seeking approval from others by being in a constant state of sacrifice for others –helping them instead of helping ourselves. We are constantly complaining about how after all we do for others how unappreciated we are and how they do not go out of their way to reciprocate or make us happy. Yet, we do not claim for ourselves the right to be happy and although it is the very thing we want, we choose to believe we are not deserving of it therefore will continue to suffer and make sacrifices to maintain peace, comfort and stability for others.  This results in an extreme sense of helplessness to do anything to change our situation accompanied by resentful and angry feelings towards and often projected at others by way of making them feel guilty for the sacrifices we make and suffer so others can be happy. This is what Ms. Waters calls the “The Martyr” archetype.

In this journey of exploration of the sacral/womb chakra, we will explore meditations and affirmations and other ways in which allow us to expand this energy source and awaken the Empress within.  As we learn to reconnect with Her, we find that we are able to successfully and lovingly look after ourselves.  We can choose to stop being “The Martyr”

The creative expression work:

In this water energy path working of reconnecting with The Empress archetype, we will be working with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, Goddess of love, beauty, music, dance and abundance.  The handled mirror is sacred to Hathor and therefore we will be using mirrors in our work.  Hathor’s mirror can help us learn to how to look deep into our own eyes and love who we see.  She is all things pleasure, abundant and beautiful and so we will work to connect to Her through joyfulness and through ‘dress up’ and dance is known to be part of Her rituals, we will be learning ecstatic dance as well.  Added to this fun, we’ll also be decorating ourselves in our jewelry, beads, and bracelets as well as painting our faces with make-up while adoring the spirit of Hathor.

Those planning to come should bring the following items:

  • A hand held mirror-long handled is best but if you don’t have one, any hand mirror will do.
  • Costume jewelry; beads, necklaces, bracelets etc…Not only will we awaken and adore the spirit of Hathor within but we will also please the child inside of all us through sacred dress-up!
  • Your make-up bag (either come without make up or light make-up as we will be painting our faces.
  • Scarves, shawls, or anything you like that gives you the feeling of being beautiful.
  • Your own personal candle for the altar
  • Anything of personal or symbolic value you would like to share and bring to the altar; a piece of your energy telling us who you are. (A picture, a trinket, your own altar cloth to add to the altar etc…you take this home with you when you go)
  • A food dish for sharing the feast afterward
  • Pillow/blanket/Cushion to sit on
  • Drums, rattles or other shakers

We will be meeting at the Temple home base.  Weather permitting we may be outside for a drumming circle.

If you plan to attend or need directions, please contact me via email at:

I look forward to seeing you there!

In deepest love and brightest light,

Priestess Aura


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