Sister-Priestess, There Is Nothing Without Trust.

As I begin to write this blog entry, I light my beautiful blue and spiritually charged pillar candle.

Meditation Candle

I light a few sticks of incense and just center myself and focus on my breath. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited this blog to write and now I wait for the words to come to me watching the candle flicker and inhale the exotic scent of musky orange spice. I spy an hour-glass which isn’t exactly an hour but 30 minutes on one side and 45 minutes on the other but I have no idea which side is which. I guess it doesn’t matter. ((FLIP))

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the new year and the excitement of the holidays seems to have died down (thankfully!) we can get back to the business at hand.

It seems like such a long, long time ago we had that last S3 circle but no we in fact carried on with our circle in December, the day after Christmas actually. It was fantastic! There was such incredible energy, soul cleansing and chakra clearing that we were all left tingling and completely grounded during the circle.


Although it seems like such a long time away, it is only two more weeks. I must say I am so very much looking forward to our next gathering of amazing feminine souls!

But today, I address something that is not always the most pleasant thing to talk about among ourselves and that is the issue of “trust”.  Yet, as women who may serve Goddess Divine as priestesses who live a path of service, it is something that needs to be, from time to time, brought up and addressed. I am moved to share a recent experience that has caused me to contemplate my own inner motives, desires and make some changes in my life that reflect my devotion to my path of service and to Her.

Recently, a woman I considered to be a friend and sister-priestess decided to “break off” the friendship. While it was a little upsetting to have to lose a friend, I understand that life is a series of beginnings and endings and beginnings again. I take into account that some people come into your life to stay and some are just there for a time and when that time is has come to an end so does the relationship between you. However, what struck me the most about the “ending” of this friendship was in what was said and how it was done. For a moment, I was a bit floored and caused to wonder can there ever really be trust among women in ANY capacity, let alone a women’s gathering in so-called “safe-space.”  My thoughts and feelings were that if a woman, a friend and sister-priestess can sink this low and try to kick below the belt as this person did then nothing is really safe, not even in the realm of women serving Goddess.

Because I felt so betrayed, my knee jerk reaction was to throw in the towel and stop the sacred work that I do in devotion to the Goddess Divine, to the Eternal and to women through Sister Spirit Sanctuary. Goddess in Her Divine Wisdom reminded me of my calling  and the work I do helps many women. It is true, I have witnessed dynamic and amazing changes in women who have come to circle and created sacred space with other women, shared their stories, learned about themselves. I have indeed seen women be taken up with the Divine magic of Goddess and allowed Her to move in their lives transforming them by fire, by water, by earth, by air and by Her own Spirit. I realized that no matter how incredibly difficult this journey becomes or is at times or the hurt feelings I may get along the way, this is the path of service I was called to do.  There is no break time, only service with a loving and open heart.  And let me tell you, I was hurt and I felt very betrayed.

The Betrayal and Issues of Trust

When women share with one another whether in circle or over the phone or via email correspondence or any type of communication, especially sister-priestesses who are working towards removing the stereotype of women as catty, as petty and distrusting people, it is really hard when a sister-priestess breaks that trust. It feels as though as if the ideals of building sisterhood and sacred trust that you have been working very hard to create has just went up in flames! It does make you wonder as it did me, “Is this really possible? Am I just chasing some crazy pipe dream?”  It shakes the foundation upon which you stand especially if you have given to actually feeling you could trust this woman in a sister-priestess capacity.

Why do I differentiate “sister-priestess” from friend? We have all been betrayed or kicked in the gut by a friend. We have all felt the sharp slice of the blade of broken trust many times in our life time. But one who walks the path of the priestess in service to Goddess Divine is held to a higher ethical standard of being. Because the path of the priestess is in many capacities a healing path, the priestess takes an oath when she dedicates to the Goddess much like the Hippocratic oath of physicians that is ” At first do no harm”. Of course we say it slightly different from “Harm none” or “For the Good of all” and other variations. But the bottom line is as priestess who seek to heal the planet and the hurting souls of Her people, we do not purposely seek out to cause pain or grief to others on any level.  So when one who is considered a sister-priestess for whatever reason does not strive to live up to what she has proclaimed to value, honor and live by and deliberately goes out of her way to cause grief to another individual by the breaking of bonds of trust, then “Houston, we have a problem.”

My Story

I will sum it up to say that there were many things shared with this one I considered friend and trusted sister-priestess that when she decided the time was right for her to end the friendship also felt it was apparently OK for her to use the things I shared with her in confidence, that had absolutely no bearing on our friendship, nor had anything to do with her or her life whatsoever as reasons to justify the dissolution of friendship. Instead of showing any of the integrity of the sister-priestess she purports herself to be and end the friendship with class and grace which is becoming of one who walks the sacred path of the Goddess Divine, who lives to serve Her daughters,  she chose to take the things I said to her in confidence about my own life, my own issues and struggles and throw it back in my face all to justify her reasons for ending the friendship.

Whatever her reasons in truth actually were, I’ll never know as she was not honest about it all. I also know this was more about her then it is about me if not all about her and not at all about me. It also doesn’t matter to me at this point. I wish her well on her journey wherever it might lead her.  However, even with this knowledge it doesn’t make one feel better about the betrayal of an ideal, that of “Sacred Trust“. We as women of Goddess, as priestesses on this path work hard to create sacred and safe environments for women to share their feelings, their issues and their secrets. It is in this sacred sharing that women begin to remove the onion-like layers to reveal their authentic selves. This is important whether in circle of women or just two women.  Our power comes from being able to share and share freely. When that trust is violated, pain and hurt are a result and women will withdraw and no longer share and our power is taken away.

Open Heart

Thankfully, although my belief in the ideal of “Sacred Trust” was indeed shaken, it was not broken.  I have taken this lesson to heart and it has only caused me to strengthen my own resolve as a daughter who serves Goddess Divine on this path of service. I realize that perhaps because I want so much to believe that sacred trust can be realized between women in any capacity that I gave trust too freely where it wasn’t truly deserved. I had assumed that because this person called herself a “sister-priestess” and friend to me, that because she said she was a priestess and had been one for many years and was in fact a feminist that was aiming for the same goal of sisterhood that she could be trusted. I was wrong. And now I have been set back on my course.

Will I trust other sister-priestesses in the future? Sure I will. Will I be burned and hurt again? I have no doubt about it because we are human first and we are prone to error, not perfection. But I will be more cautious to whom I give my “sacred trust” to only giving it to those who sincerely earn it and not just because I believe in and strive towards an ideal of bonding, sisterhood and trust between women. And to this future, I leave my heart open to receive the blessings of the Eternal Goddess Divine.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Kimmy says:

    Much love to you!
    I think we have all been there in one way or another and as much as it hurts, the pain goes away and you learn that not everyone is what they seem.

    1. priestessaura says:

      So true Kimmy, so true. Unfortunately sometimes we figure that out the “hard way”.


      1. Kimmy says:

        Well they say once your learn that lesson in life, and learn it right you wont have to do it again.

      2. priestessaura says:

        I’d like to think I have learned this lesson. ((praying))

        hugs and thanks for reading!

  2. Rowan says:

    :::: winks at her:::::: That’s all I need to say :::::big smile::::::

    1. priestessaura says:

      ::winking back::: ~ Even BIGGER smile!~

  3. Bretta says:

    It’s always natural to want to throw those walls up and protect ourselves when others hurt us, sweetheart. It’s a shame that your friend chose to hurt you in such a way. I’m truly sorry your heart had to suffer that betrayal. I do applaud you, though, for shaking it off and applying what you know to be true. Life is a journey of many starts and stops, beginnings and endings, lessons learned. One that trusts is a brave soul indeed. And that you were woman enough to send your friend on their way with best wishes took a lot of faith and heart, Aura. Never doubt your gifts or your place in this world for one moment, sweet girl because I can assure you, you offer a light like no other. Let it shine for all of your sisters to see. Blessed be, sweetheart. XOXOXO

    1. priestessaura says:

      Thank you so much Bretta. I appreciate your words of support. But you know, while it is sad that what happened happened, I think there is a greater and more important message here and that’s what I hope to get across. And that is one of trust and honesty, in relationships of all kinds but especially in the capacity of the spiritual roles we willingly choose to accept. There of course was a lesson for me too, something I needed to be reminded of and learn too and I so hope I did.

      Love and Hugs sister,

      Blessed BE!


  4. aylaminer says:

    Beautiful Priestess,

    I was sent this blog post by a sister who is aware of my current dance with Sisterhood Trust. I too hold space for sisters to gather and celebrate/integrate/honor She of many names. I too have recently experienced betrayal of Trust from several daughters of the Goddess. The pain is recent and I feel tremendous gratitude for how She brought me to read your words. I appreciate your new level of discernment when opening your heart based on your faith in Sisterhood. It is a new lesson for me… to give of my Trust to those who have earned and deserve it. So many lessons on this Priestess Path… but it is truly our love and passion for the Sisterhood that we know exists and for the healing of what separates us all that continues to call to us. I, like you, will never give up… instead… I’ll be grateful for more lessons learned and a greater understanding of the Shadow we’re all working so hard to heal.

    Many blessings,

    1. priestessaura says:


      I am so very sorry for the experience of betrayal of trust that you have had to experience, but as we both know all too well, when we can see past the pain, there are deeper lessons that we need to learn. Sometimes we learn them, sometimes we forget and find ourselves repeating the same lesson over and over and each time, more difficult than the time before.

      Because I have had great difficulty learning an important lesson, one that caused me to write this article the first time around (To Trust My Intuition) I too was burned –again–this time the pain was excruciating. It was so unbearable that I actually did suspend our monthly sister gathering until after Samhain. I even questioned whether to shut it down completely. I began to question myself, what I was doing and whether or not I was on the right path. The betrayal this time wasn’t done by one I would call a ‘sister-priestess’ but she was certainly considered a very close friend but the lesson was still the same and because I didn’t learn it well before, it was more difficult than the last.This time it involved my family, my children —the very heart of the mother in me. It was a devastating betrayal. For nearly an entire month I was nearly swallowed up by darkness, anger, rage and despair. The sad truth is, I have almost all but given up with nearly everything related to ‘the work’.

      Until your comment.

      It was your comment in my mail box waiting to be approved that caused me to read your words and then re-read my own article and be reminded of one of my purposes as a priestess and Goddess woman…*Big Sigh* I never ceased to be amazed at Her ways of bringing to one the messages and words of power, strength and wisdom and even comfort when they need them. You and I both, her dedicated and devoted daughters, were Her instruments for Her divine messages. For this we may both share in the love and gratitude of the wisdom of the Divine and Sovereign Goddess Queen. For Her ways are truly wise.

      Many blessings,


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