Seeing Is Knowing: The Brow Chakra

Journey through the Chakras

Next months circle will bring us to the end of our “Journey through the Chakras” together in our Sister Circle. We began our journey several months ago exploring each chakras purpose and function as well as investigating the archetypes associated with each chakra. Our work has been centered on learning how to recognize if that chakra is out of balance and how to heal it with a variety of techniques.

This month’s theme

Ajna: The Seat of Soul-or “The Third Eye” Chakra

We began our journey through the chakras at the beginning, the root chakra, learning to open and connect with the Mother for sustenance. We journeyed through the sacral or womb chakra learning to allow ourselves to be open to the good things in life; to indulge in pleasurable things without guilt or shame because we are deserving of it. We then journeyed through the Manipura or the solar plexus chakra and learned how to identify and own our personal power.

We continued our journey through the heart chakra, learning how to recognize the dysfunctional “Actress” archetype and allow ourselves to open up to “The Lover” within.  We then gave voice to the “Silent Child” of the throat chakra and embraced the “Communicator”, holding our heads high while we learned to speak our truth. It’s been a powerful, transforming and amazing journey thus far but it’s not over yet!

Sunday, February 27th from 4 p. m to 6 p. m we continue on our journey to the brow chakra or what is often referred to as the “Third eye” or “Psychic eye.”

The brow chakra, for the Sanskrit word is “Ajna”, is located between the eyebrows and is the control center of our body and associated with “Spiritual Truth”. It is the gate way to the higher-self, insight, intuitive guidance, dreams, imagination, wisdom, intellect, thinking, logic and analytical discernment. When the brow chakra is well balanced it allows for a higher vibration and balanced flow and exchange of energy between the left and right brain. Its color is indigo, and its energy is or element is the cosmos. The lapiz lazuli and amethyst are also associated with this chakra.

The primary function of the brow chakra is to promote well balanced, healthy left and right brain thinking. It is the “First Eye” chakra that produces our dreams, insights, visions and other advanced but normal psychic states of awareness and experiences such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other types of spiritual communication. It is not only the place of control center for psychic experiences but it also influences the brain, the pineal gland, the sinuses and the entire nervous system. Experiencing a blockage of this chakra, on the physical level we may experience headaches, (often times migraines), nightmares, poor concentration and eyesight. Imbalances of this chakra may lead to tumors, strokes, blindness, spinal issues, neurological disorders and learning disabilities.

A fully activated brow chakra engages both hemispheres of the brain controlling synthetic thinking and creativity. Working with both the conscious and subconscious mind allowing integration and activation of all information learned, thus allowing for the healthy archetype of “The Intuitive” to emerge. The functional brow chakra is receptive of the deep learning processes of “The Intellectual” but it also allows for the intuitive process to guide the learning process so that all information sought, concepts learned and discovered can be activated and integrated not only into the deep mind but into the psyche or soul as well. “The Intuitive” or “Wise One” understands that it is vital for intuition the guide the intellectual discovery of the world and through this allows for the sixth chakra, the Anja, “Brow” or “Third Eye” to become highly charged with energy that flows freely and easily therefore boosting up not only our psychic ability and connection to the world but our own personal energies, hence strengthening our connection to Divine Source.

The creative expression work:

The Goddess energy we will be working with is the Egyptian High Priestess, the Goddess Isis. Isis the Egyptian Goddess of 10,000 names. It is said that She is THE Goddess and all others are just one of her many names and manifestations.

According to Egyptian mythology, Isis was married to her brother Osiris who was later murdered by their brother Set. However, through her love, her loyalty and her devotion to her husband, and through her power, she brought him back to life only for her brother Set to rage again and kill her beloved once more. This time, Set cut Osiris up into thirteen pieces and scattered them all over the world for which Isis once again prevailed and retrieved all of his body parts save for his penis which she fashioned out of wax and gold for him. With the assistance of Anubis, Osiris was reassembled; embalmed and wrapped in linen magically restored life thereby the tradition of mummification comes. Osiris remained in the Underworld as Ruler but not before Isis managed to mount him and become impregnated and giving birth to their child, the Sun God Horus. Horus, who is depicted as a baby suckling at the breast of his mother Isis. It is widely suspected that Jesus and Mary are modeled after Isis and Horus.

Her story teaches us not only about love, life, death and regeneration but Her story is also a reflection of who we are as women, who in times of trouble can over come if we believe in ourselves, and tap into and see our own inner power and strength. Like Her, we can be unstoppable forces of power manifested from the wisdom of our choices.

Isis teaches us how to open the door to love and that love nurtures the growth and development of inner wisdom as well as leading us to our own inner strength and courage. She provides for us the guidance we need that sets us on the proper course of balancing the intellect with the intuitive by teaching us to cultivate and trust our own psychic wisdom. When we able to recognize Her as the embodiment of strength, endurance, loyalty, devotion, devotion and love, our inner and intuitive, psychic self is amplified by the divine power and energy of this incredible Goddess coursing within and without ourselves.

Those planning to come should bring the following items:

  • Your own personal candle for the altar
  • Anything of personal or symbolic value you would like to share and bring to the altar; a piece of your energy telling us who you are. (A picture, a trinket, your own altar cloth to add to the altar etc…you take this home with you when you go)
  • If you’d like, an offering left in gratitude at the altar. This may be a small stone, candle, flower, herb, incense….from the heart.
  • A food dish for sharing the feast afterward
  • Pillow/blanket/Cushion to sit on
  • Drums, rattles or other shakers

We will be meeting at the Temple home base. Whenever weather is permitting we may be outside for a drumming circle.

If you plan to attend or need directions, please contact me via email at:

**Chakra and archetype work based on Ambika Waters’ book, Chakras and Their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth


2 Comments Add yours

  1. True Messenger says:

    Other than mother and child, can you explain how Jesus and Mary are anything like Isis and Horus!?

    1. priestessaura says:

      Not a student of mythology or are familiar with the Jesus/Horus- Mary/Isis connection!?

      Well I could explain other ways in which they are alike and even moreover, how it is widely believed that Jesus and Mary are incarnations of Isis/Horus. But instead I will refer you to do your own research.

      There is a plethora of sites available at the click of a mouse or your local library. There are also videos on YouTube that talk about this same topic. If you are sincerely interested in knowing and understanding why many people have come to this conclusion, feel free to explore but explore with an open mind. If you go into already thinking you have the answer,then there’s no point to ask anyone why they think what they do or how they arrived at the answers they did.

      Be well…


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