Feastival of Floralia


Join us as we celebrate the “Festival of Floralia” today from 6pm until 9pm. Flora, is the Roman Goddess of spring, love, beauty, fertility and sexuality and nature inherent in all of us. Her festival celebrates the female body for its beauty, its passion and fertility. She embodies all acts of love, beauty and sacredness within all of us for those are things that cause the human spirit to grow and blossom.

It is a Beltane celebration, where we are once more surrounded with the powerful energies of life and death as we were at Samhain. At Samhain, it was a time of mourning, of letting go and release. Beltane is its opposite reflection, inviting us to step to the dance and celebrate the renewal of life, to be joyful and to send our intentions into nature and let the spirit of renewing life carry them into manifestation!

We will gather at 6pm, have a crafting circle and make our beautiful floral headdresses as we share a Wisdom Teaching of the sabbat. Then at 7pm, we move into the ritual and celebrate the seasonal moment with a celebratory pot-luck to follow after.

We will be outdoors so please, hold a vision of lovely weather!

*Please bring: flowers—silk or real

*Dish for the pot-luck

Dress comfortably but in a manner that celebrates your sacred beauty as a Divine sexual female. Ritual clothing is welcomed! Anything that makes you feel sexy and beautiful!

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Flora is one of the two daughters of Tellus, the Roman Goddess of the Earth. She is the Goddess of spring in full bloom, sacred sexuality and sensuality and as her name sake implies, flowers.

To Flora and her sister Fauna, Goddess of the woodlands, small temples were erected by the ancient Romans, who then on their feast days would bring flowers and small animals in their honor. During the feast of Flora that occurs on April 27th through May 1st, the Romans would pay homage to this sweet and beautiful Goddess by gathering flowers from the fields all day and carry them to her temple.

“You start in April and cross into the time of May one has you as it leaves, one has you as it comes. Since the edges of these months are yours and defer to you, either of them suits your praises. The Circus continues and the theaters lauded palm. Let this song, too, join in the Circus Spectacle.” –Ovid

For the Romans, Floralia was a time of great celebration of nature in full blossom, of fertility, sexuality and sensuality. There were rites that honored the fertility of Flora for the birth of flowers and her sister Fauna for the birth of all the little animals. Seeds were planted that represented fruitfulness of the fertile earth. It was a time of games and carnival of animals. Animals that typically are associated with fertility such as hares and goats were set loose during the celebrations as well as other offerings of milk and honey being made to Flora.

As a Goddess representing sexual liberty, Flora was the matron Goddess of the sacred whores and prostitutes. They honored her by performing naked in theater productions. Women every where, younger women especially, showed special attention to their female selves being aware of the natural flowering of nature within the earth and their own bodies. Today for modern women, this is a sacred time, a special time of women, of our mysteries and of nature. We gather in sisterhood to celebrate it and ourselves, our unfolding and flowering together.


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