June Sister Circle: Awakening the Priestess Within

The monthly sister circle of Sister Spirit Sanctuary A Temple of the Sacred Feminine is June 26th 4 p.m to 7 p.m

Sister Spirit Sanctuary, Temple of the Sacred Feminine is an open circle of women, for women who are seeking women-centered, Goddess-based spirituality. We are women who are building and experiencing sisterhood and self-empowerment through healing, education and ritual. We are based in Akron, Ohio.

This months theme: Awakening the Priestess Within

All women have inside of themselves many different and powerful feminine archetypal energies and patterns waiting to be explored. One of these powerful archetypal energies is “The Priestess” or “High Priestess” as some like to refer to this archetypal energy. No matter how it is called, this archetypal energy is the same; it is potent, powerful and transformational. On Sunday, June 26th, we will explore this sacred archetype of the Priestess or “High Priestess” as she is known and depicted in the Tarot. The Priestess archetype represents in us our higher wisdom, truth and vision.

The Priestess archetype is possibly the least known and understood, especially in the present patriarchal culture which dominates and subjugates women‘s spirituality. The Priestess archetype is the domain of intuitive awareness and insight, of secret or “occult” (that which is hidden) knowledge of the unknown realm.

The Priestess has a magical connection to the unknown, the void of creation, source energy. She is the trans-connector, the facilitator, between the material and the spiritual, the mediator of powerful energies that make up the being that we are. The Priestess calls forth, transmutes and directs energies between unconscious and conscious awareness, affecting our material and spiritual felt sense of being.

A woman in the fullness of the Priestess archetype feels like this:
She is the master of her spiritual and material realities showing a confidence of bearing that knows how to call forth from spiritual storehouses what is needed to transmute, transduce, transform energies that would overtake or topple other women not in this fullness.

She is thoughtful, reflective, having depth to her presence and intellect. She knows how to detach from inner and outer storms and how to connect deep inner truths and resources with her experience of life. She sees a higher possibility and attunes to its resonance. She is not easily pushed or pulled around by faddish influences but brings power and confidence to difficult situations requiring change or shifting -with grace and insight.

The woman in the fullness of the Priestess archetype is transpersonally engaging with others, serving their need for love and acceptance and spiritual grounding through her presence and expression/interaction. She serves expansive consciousness, a higher possibility and the greater good with humility and grace, not from Egoic desire for prominence or position.

The priestess longs to be remembered once more and awakened. She yearns to be brought forth in our daily consciousness so that we may manifest her sacredness in our daily lives. Awakening to the Priestess within is to awaken to the inherent and natural ability within oneself to be this conduit and director of energies between our conscious and unconscious awareness with the knowledge and wisdom to transmute and change these energies that affect our physical and spiritual realms.

The Creative Expression Work:

In this cosmic energy path working of reconnecting with The Priestess archetype, we will be making sacred headdresses to wear during our personal workings and any time we want to feel the Priestess within at work.

The Priestess headdress is first and foremost, as a symbol of a woman in her own spiritual authority. Often ritual headdresses of the Priestesses in the Goddess traditions have some sort of moon element on them. This is because it represents the power of the subconscious and the levels of the deeper and divine mind as well as our intuition. In the Tarot, The High Priestess and the Moon card represent a knowing that there is an intertwining consciousness to all life including the subconscious and intuition.

When a woman places the diadem or headdress upon her head, she is consciously signaling to her Priestess Self to awaken within and in doing so, she therefore can allow this Priestess energy to lead her while the conscious-ego self steps aside to let the Priestess within do her work.  Being a powerful conduit of energy, when the Priestess arrives, the subconscious is allowed to move and flow, and in that “moving and flowing” we are capable of getting in touch with our authentic Selves and true natures.  It is learning how to awaken and harness this deep and powerful wisdom that we are better able to manifest astonishing and changes in our lives for the betterment of our selves and the world in which we live.

Making a ritual Priestess headdress can be a lot of fun to make as well. It needn’t be hard and difficult. It can be as simple or as extravagant as one desires. It can be made from precious metals, leathers and stones or made from fabric, a string of gems, ribbons, a plain bridal head band and glue. We will be making two types of simple; fabric based ones for our “Awakening the Priestess Within” Sister Circle.

Those planning to come should bring the following items:

For the Priestess Headdress

Your choice of fabric that can be cut into strips to braid together or a long scarf that can tie around the head.

A hard head band, plain or one that can be covered–it can be used as a firm base.

Ribbon in colors of your choosing

  • Silk flowers, long strings of beads and/or pieces from old costume jewelry that you can recycle some pieces from or use as a center piece.
Other suggested items can be:
A crescent moon shape that can be fashioned on headdress, binding cords  or anything that has some spiritual and personal significance to you and can be attached to the headdress.
For the Gathering of Sisters:
  • Your own personal candle for the altar
  • Anything of personal or symbolic value you would like to share and bring to the altar; a piece of your energy telling us who you are. (A picture, a trinket, your own altar cloth to add to the altar etc…you take this home with you when you go)
  • A food dish for sharing the feast afterward
  • Pillow/blanket/Cushion to sit on
  • Drums, rattles or other shakers

We will be meeting at the Temple home base.  Weather permitting we may be outside for a drumming circle.

If you plan to attend or need directions, please contact me via email at:


I look forward to seeing you there!

In deepest love and brightest light,

Priestess Aura

source: The Divine Feminine



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