Releasing Divine Power

The power of the Goddess, which is the same power that created you is within you–that same incredible Divine spark within ourselves, deep within our own minds can be accessed in many ways, however, the simplest and yet what seems to also be the most difficult is using our own conscious mental attitude to call it forth.

The power of the Divine is always trying to release itself through expression in your life in some way or another. In fact, the Divine Self, your Goddess/God mind is your most purest, loving, positive and “truest Self”. So how then do we call forth that Divine power, the spark of the Goddess within our own minds and allow IT to express itself through our lives?By changing our attitudes. That’s right, you’ve heard it a thousand, maybe even a million times: “It’s all in the attitude”. From every self-help book, spiritual counselor, wise guru to therapists and clinical psychologists alike we have heard that how we think affects how we act and how we act affects the response of the universe and the people in it which then in effect is exactly what we put out there by way of our attitude. Get it?

Because your Divine Self, the Goddess/God power within is  positive power in the greatest of terms, it is only with positive thinking and mental attitude that will allow for increased opportunities for the Divine power to express itself through your life. Positive thinking causes an influx of the higher positive thought energies that will help you manifest your dreams and live a happier life.

On the other side of the spectrum, the more you practice negative thinking and allow for negative energies to fill your mind, they also fill your life.You will experience a life filled with unhappiness, bitterness and even anger. In essence, your life becomes fertile ground for negativity and everything that comes with it. Because negativity is recession-it will recede deep into your subconscious and build a barrier against your Divine power so that it can not release itself through expression in your life.

So you ask, “How can Divine power be stopped? It is after all Divine power.” While it is Divine, it is within you and you have been given the gift of ‘free will’. You have the power of choice. Only you can choose to let the power of the Divine within work through you and express itself through your life in many ways. When we consciously decide to practice positive thinking which opens up the pathways that lets our Divine power flow and express itself through out lives, then we can come to truly understand what it is meant to have faith and know that the power of the Goddess is working in every aspect our lives to bring into it peace, love and happiness.

Be well and Blessed Be! Aura


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  1. priestessaura says:

    This is actually a *re-post from the old blog on the old “MySpace” Sister Spirit Sanctuary blog from a couple of years ago.

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