Sister Social: Open Circles For Women

Sister Spirit Sanctuary will now be holding a “Sister Social” gathering every other Monday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm

BAM! (Books-A-Million)

335 Howe Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

(where Borders used to be)

In the Joe Muggs Cafe area. 

 Sister Socials are open to all women who would like to come gather with other women seeking Goddess spirituality, sisterhood, camaraderie and friendship. We will have open discussion on topics relevant to the path of Goddess Spirituality and Self-development, and women’s issues, as well as just the conversation of women seeking to get acquainted with each other.

 The main purpose of having a Sister Social is to have a place for women who wish to explore the topics of Goddess spirituality in a relaxed, informal and comfortable environmentbut aren’t quite ready to take that leap into the deep work that the Sister Circle provides space for. In this informal circle, women can come and get to know the women of Sister Spirit Sanctuary as well as get to know one another. This also allows women to get a feel for whether or not this is something they wish to take to another level or are comfortable right where they are.  For some women, the Sister Social will be enough. For others, it may be the bridge to something deeper. Whatever her purpose is, we believe there is something wonderful to be gained from gathering with other women in light conversation, with a little coffee or tea and just enjoying the presence of other women.

Our monthly gathering of Sister Circles will continue, however on an invitation basis only. Ironically, what started out as a women’s open circle to explore Goddess Spirituality and empowerment has taken on a life of its own and developed into a space of deep sharing, healing and amazing transformation in the lives of women who attend on a regular basis, thus becoming “Circle Sisters”.

Ideally, we would love for all women to be able to experience the rich, deep unfolding processes of learning, exploration and healing that our Sister Circles offer. However, realistically, we also understand that it is not conducive to the positive growth of the circle if we allow women to come into this sacred space without having an understanding of the women of the circle and/or having ever experienced what it is to be in sacred space with women-only.

Our Sister Circles have proved to be very powerful places of release and healing due to a level of deep sharing within it built upon the trust that has grown among the women. Because of this, we feel that having women in attendance to the Sister Circle without fully understanding what to expect and/or not knowing anyone enough to be able to open up and share is not helpful to the Circle dynamics.

So if you are a woman out there who has been wanting to attend Sister Circles, a woman who has emailed me at one time or another wanting to come but then was unsure or too nervous to show up (and I know you are out there), take advantage of this opportunity and join us for a little coffee, tea or something light to eat in the Joe Muggs cafe locate inside BAM! every other Monday night beginning November 21st at 6:30 pm to 8:30pm.

If you intend on stopping in, drop me an email so we know to look for you!  

Look forward to seeing you there!

Love and Magick,



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