Speaking Goddess

Set your Goddess Free!

Every woman has a Goddess inside of her who has something to say, something she wants to create and places she’d like to go. Some women let their Goddess shine brightly while others aren’t even aware She exists within!

Sometimes I think, “How can this be? How can a woman not know that she has a beautiful, enchanting, seductive, intelligent, fiery, fierce and creative Goddess within her own Self?”

Then I remember:

We have long been taught to forget Her.

My Goddess wants to speak for today She has something to say to all of my beautiful sisters out there.

“Today in this very moment, you sister, friend, reader…you ARE beautiful. Do you know how incredibly gorgeous you are just as you are this second? At home in your lounge pants and lazy up-do, or in your work clothes being the “Working Goddess” that you are, peering into the screen to read these words. Yes, that’s right,YOU Goddess. YOU are just a beautiful, incredible, amazing woman and you know what? ILOVE YOU. That’s right. I LOVE YOU and I need you to wake up and SEE me within. I need you to remember that when you look into the mirror to fix your make-up, or brush your hair that behind those eyes is ME, YOUR GODDESS looking out at you. I long for you to RECOGNIZE & BEHOLD ME in ALL of MY BEAUTIFUL and DIVINE glory and LOVE ME. And know that when you LOVE ME, you LOVE YOU because we–you and me, yes us–we are ONE and if you TRUST & FOLLOW ME, I shall lead you to YOUR BLISS!!”

Now, today at this moment is a good of time as any to begin “Following Your Bliss” Beautiful Ones! One of the best ways we can do that is by opening up and listening to what our inner Goddess is saying. She will lead the way. All we need to do is show up, trust, surrender, (that’s a tough one for many of us but we gotta try!!) and follow where She leads our heart.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell


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