Goddess Of Beginnings, Mother of Waters: Yemaya

Yemaya’s Wisdom:

I am the force that swirls beneath the surface,

She who connects Sea and Sky,

the Infinite Mother who reclaims you.

Feel the sand beneath your feet, hold the conch to your ear,

gaze upon My Blue,

and you know Me.

Submit your troubles upon Me,

cast your cares into the heart of the ocean that is Me.

I will nurture you,

wipe your tears,

soothe the anger,

and shelter you from the coming storms.

In your surrender, I become your voice.

In the giving over, I become your freedom.

Daughter, come home, and allow Me

to make whole

that which is incomplete

~Brandi Auset

In mythology, the West African and Caribbean Goddess of creation, the sea, moon, ocean and healing is Yemaya. She is considered to be a guardian of women and keeper of our mysteries.

Because Yemaya governs over conception and birth of children, she is often invoked for her aid. Yemaya blesses, protects children and ensures their safety during childhood, until they reach puberty.

According to myth, Yemaya was raped by her own son and as a result, she became pregnant. After laying a curse on him, causing his death, she chose to die as well and went up onto the peak of a mountain. When she died, the uterine waters of her womb broke, the oceans, the rivers and the fourteen Yoruban Goddesses and Gods, called Orishas, were created. The first human woman and man were born from her womb as well and they became the parents of all mortals on earth. Because of this, she is personified as oceans and bodies of water and mermaids.

Although she may be called on at any time, a most powerful time to call upon Yemaya’s energies is at times of new beginnings such as the Springtime, New Years and new moons.

Attributes:  Merciful, protective, compassionate, nurturing, comforting, maternal

Symbols:   Seashells, an open shell, the Moon, bodies of water and the six pointed star.

Stones: Turquoise, light blue crystals, mother-of-pearl, and coral.

Flowers: Trout Lily and Sea Lavender.

Fragrance: Tea Rose, Sandalwood, Lilac and Frangipani

Feast & Festival Days:  Summer Solstice, July 6, October 26, December 12, December 31

Colors: Blue, Silver and White

 She is said to be fond of melons so an offering of melons.

Yemaya Invocation:

Goddess who is Mother of All,

Queen of the Deep Sea,

Protectress of women –

Allow your presence to be known throughout this sacred space.

We who call upon you as Yemaya

Our Mother, Our Womb of Creation,

ask that your love rolls and washes over us as the waves of the ocean,

as the rivers from your breasts.

Yemaya, Mother Whose Children are Fish

You who are comfort, inspiration, and forgiveness

We call you forth to enter our hearts.

~Brandi Auset

The Story of Yemaya – by Luisah Teish:

Once there was a beautiful woman by the name of Ye-ma-ya, who looked into the waters of the ocean. There She saw Her own reflection and asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought I was the prettiest thing that the World had ever seen!”

And as She looked on that woman there came a rumbling in Her belly and it grew and it grew until it exploded and covered the land with lakes, rivers, and streams.

Yemaya looked into the water of the river and there again She saw that woman and asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought that I was the prettiest thing that the World had ever seen!”

And again Her belly grew and it grew and grew till it exploded and sprinkled the heavens with stars and a Full Moon.

Yemaya looked in the Full Moon, and again She asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought I was the prettiest thing that the world had ever seen!”

And again Her belly grew, and it grew and it grew until it exploded! And before Her stood thousands of beautiful women.

Yemaya asked, “Who are you beautiful women? I thought that I was the prettiest thing the world had ever seen!”

The women looked deep into the eyes of Yemaya and there they saw their own reflections.

So the women said to Yemaya, “You are! We’re just you!”

May the Blessings of Yemaya be with you all in this New Year!





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  1. precious says:

    i love her and want to work for her… but i have so much fears..

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