Love is Love

Lovely Sisters,

It’s been awhile! But here we are again. The wheel has only recently moved past Imbolc and now we approach Valentine’s Day.

A Day that is DEVOTED to celebrating LOVE


I remember several years back the first Valentine’s Day Sister Spirit Sanctuary circle of women celebrated together. It was a circle of  Divine Chocolate Decadence. In fact, that’s what we called it.

It was an icy and freezing February that year. There were driving restrictions in place because the city was in pretty bad shape and yet, there were a brave bunch of women who dared make it to the Goddess House despite the weather.

There was one rule:

Everything edible had to be Chocolate of sorts.

Everyone brought such mouth-watering delicious chocolates; some were bought and many were home-made chocolate delights. We had chocolate covered and dipped cherries, strawberries and other fruit. There were pretzels, cookies, wafers and brownies. There was souffle, pudding, cheesecake and even donuts. All the divine dishes were wonderful. But there was one in particular chocolate-mint crunchiness delight that is something in particular that remains in my mind. I have no idea what it was or how it was made but by Goddess, I loved it the best!

The Festival

Our altar was stunning. The statue of Aphrodite was center and all around her were red rose petals and glitter and colored ‘rhinestones’. We also placed flowers and glittery hearts among the red, white and black candles in crystal holders. Candy was dispersed throughout. There was no mistake this was an altar dedicated to Love and Chocolate. Or Love OF Chocolate. However you wanted to look at it, LOVE was a definite theme.

We cut out paper hearts and put words of love on them. Each woman drew one out of the “Basket of Love” and that was her focus word and she was instructed to draw on that energy in as many ways as she could and then share her experiences of how it manifested in her life at next sister circle.

Yes, it was a great time! Those women are no longer with us in the re-birthed circle but I remember and honor their energy and participation and I am grateful. Thank you ladies, if you ever read this, you know who you are.

I thought about doing something similar this year but for some reason, the pull wasn’t strong enough. Perhaps it was that I wasn’t as connected to the idea as I am now. Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away and I think, “Maybe next year.”

Then I thought of all the posts I’m seeing on Facebook and blogs written and even my friends (even the fellas!) expressing this Scroogian bah-humbug kind of attitude towards Valentine’s Day, a day where LOVE is celebrated!

Then I thought, “Who said Love only means ROMANTIC Love?”

Love is Love is Love is LOVE!

Then I began to realize how seriously we need a real, wild, juicy, exciting LOVE-A-LUTION to take place. If we can’t we get a world-wide thing happening then why can’t we have a LoVe-A-LuTiOn for ourselves?

So many of my sisters saying “Screw Valentine’s Day! No One Loves Me Anyway!” when what they really mean is they don’t have a man in their lives a that moment (smh) or they do and he’s a piece of doo-doo. Smh again.

To those sisters I say:

There is REASON for the saying, “If you don’t love yourself, NO ONE else will.”

It starts first with YOU beautiful Sister. YOU.

Aren’t you worth it?

Who says you need someone ELSE to honor the Goddess of Love within YOU? Is there some HARDCORE rule, unspoken or written on this topic that I’m totally in the dark about?

If there is, well, heh! You know, I’m a natural-born rebel and RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! At least some are and this would fall into that category.

This is a Divine time to honor yourself Beautiful Sisters if you are without partner. They are nice but not a necessary part of giving yourself GOOD LOVE.

I didn’t say masturbation but GOOD LOVE. Giving yourself GOOD LOVE and masturbation are not one in the same. BUT they could be. If you feel moved to show this LOVE to your Body Temple then the right is yours.

ALL ACTS OF LOVE AND PLEASURE ARE MY RITUALS so says the Goddess in the Charge of the Goddess.

Love & More Love and How to Give It

Champagne, Chocolate, Roses and all those cutesy cards? You can get/make that all for yourself. There is no good reason why you can’t eat good food, drink some good wine and treat yourself to a massage or a movie whether you rent it or go to a show.

You could and SHOULD write YOURSELF a  little LOVE letter. Even make it saucy one if you want to! Tell yourself that you are something special and you deserve the BEST. You can make it as artsy or as plain as you want. It’s your choice but pouring out those words of LOVE and ADMIRATION to your OWN SELF is an experience like no other.

Who ELSE but you deserves to  fill you up with LOVE for yourself. Adorning yourself with praise, and kind words and lavishing yourself in the lusciousness of LOVE.

If You Don’t Love Yourself, No One Else Will

No one will ever love you the way you need to be loved until you first LOVE YOURSELF. No one will cater to your body, heart, mind and soul until you first love the Self that is you. It’s not that they don’t want to but it’s that they can’t. Not really and definitely not fully. 

So begin with being your own BIGGEST and BESTEST Valentine this year, and awaken the Goddess of Love and Pleasure within and bask in Her energy!

Every day and ANY day can be Valentine’s Day or a Day Of DELIGHT and LOVE! Whenever you need it don’t wait for someone ELSE to give it to you when you can give LOVE to yourself.


In HONOR of the LOVE theme and the memory of a beautiful songstress, the one and ONLY and ever shall be, Whitney Houston


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