Design Your Dream Year! [part 1]

Jessica Galbreth “Good Luck Fairy”


*Originally titled, “Design Your Dream 2013 part 1” Updated to be relevant for any time, any year. 


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have all the luck and others do not? Perhaps you don’t consider yourself to be one of the lucky ones? Things seem to come quite easily to these lucky people don’t they? They’re always finding themselves in the right-place-at-the-right-time almost all the time. It is as if opportunity or the luck fairy follows them around just begging and pleading to be noticed!

Yes! I’ve seen it. I’ve also experienced it too. I’ve been on both sides and happily I’m able to say that I’m on the receiving end of things now, in a constant flow of what we’ll call good fortune for now. As someone who’s been immersed in different traditions of healing, witchcraft, Goddess spirituality, a serious student of the Law of Attraction and many other occult related things for over twenty-plus years, I have a really good idea why some people appear to be very lucky and while others do not.

Are you ready for me to tell you why?

Are you sure?


The reason why is because it’s not about being lucky at all. That’s right. Oh certainly, Lady Luck is there and She definitely makes her rounds granting random strokes of lucks for thrill, excitement and to add depth, dimension and spark to an ordinary life. I believe She can be called upon by those who need her assistance and she’s probably more likely to help those who are helping themselves. But where I think she really shines is with the out-of-the-blue-random strokes of luck! They are pure magick! They are exciting, thrilling and oh just so fun!

What it’s about is being aware of and understanding, acknowledging your own divine potential and inherent power to create your own life. Or as it’s often said in spiritual communities, “co-create” your life with the Universal energy, force or God.

First you must believe in potential and possibility that universe will provide you with all the support and energy you need to manifest your dreams. Secondly, you must accept that it’s not only OK to dream and to desire but that it’s an absolute must!

For most of us, desire causes us to become motivated into taking action into getting what we want. We develop an attachment to that which we want and we start, often unconsciously, acting in accordance with that energy, being that energy and therefore drawing that energy to us and ultimately getting what we desire. We just don’t think about the science behind it. We just do it. Crafting our lives is not as easy as desiring a pizza and being able to pick up the phone and ordering one. Or is it?

Things to make you go hmmm….

Back to the lucky people and how to be one:

These seemingly extra ordinarily “lucky people” are tapped in and turned on to their own high frequency potential energy channel. The setting is anywhere from medium high to very high. The higher the frequency, the more the energy they are putting out there like waves of magnetic particles attracting the things they want to them or them to the things they want or opportunities they want to have. They may not even be spiritual people, believe in what we call magic or walk a sacred path of any kind at all and yet, still they are tapped in and turned on making good shit happen for themselves all the time. This is because the universal energy isn’t available just to spiritual people—it’s available to all people. This creative energy is the fabric of love from which the entire universe is created. All anyone has to do is become aware and tap in, turn on and turn up and get ready to create.

Key words here are “Become Aware”.

Many of us are already tapped in, turned on and turned up but have no idea that we are. And instead of creating these ‘lucky’ circumstances for our lives, we are creating one chaotic adventure after another. Yes, lovelies, it would behoove us to understand and remember that the universe is a huge pool of swirling energy and endless potential. When we shift our thinking and awareness to purposely bring about change, we call this magic. It’s more than a cool buzz word; this shift is the key.

Look at the lucky people. I mean really think about those in your life that you seem to think are really lucky people. How do they act? What is their over all disposition? Are they happy? Are they detached to outcome? Highly determined people? Do they always make decisions and follow-up with action? Do they chase dreams or goals that seem unlikely to manifest and yet, surprisingly to you they do?

These lucky people, both consciously and unconsciously move from a deeper place of knowing that they can have what they want. They don’t simply think it, they believe it, they feel it—they know it. Whether or not they call it magic or not, they are swimming it. It’s all around them and they know.

So they focus on their own wants and their own desires. Others look at them with envy and call them selfish. In reality, as I’ve said before, we are all selfish –like the word or not—we all just try to pretend that we aren’t. It’s OK to be selfish. In fact, it’s healthy to be selfish. Like the lucky people whose selfishness turns on and activates their energetic and magnetic thought power full blast, radiating outwardly those waves of magnetism calling forth only that which they seek! They do it so often and they achieve their goals, attain their desires that they seem like the luckiest people in the world.

But as I said before, luck has nothing to do with it. They are tapped in and turned on and are consciously aware of their manifesting potential.

If you are a bystander watching other people ‘be lucky’ then time to stop watching other people “be lucky”  and take action. You have the power and potential to make good things happen!  If you are a ‘woe-is-me’ type of person, you know, one of those “everything- you- have- ever- tried- has- failed- type” of person then I have something to say to you:

Honey, darling sweetheart, I hate to be the one to break it to you but there is just no gentle or easy way to tell you that if your life  is one big unhappy mess and misery, well my love, it’s your own damn fault.

There. I said it. I know it hurts. But it’ll get better from here. I promise.

Yes, it gets better because –and this is the good news—you can absolutely fix it! Look, the truth is your life is a result of all the choices you have made or didn’t make, good or bad, beautiful or ugly it’s all yours. So if you are unhappy with it then time is now to get happy because you life will be the result of the NEW CHOICES you make or don’t make because the exact same manifestation principle is always in action no matter who, what, and where we are and what we want to do. If you are aware of your own potential to have, to do and to be great things then you shall. You will be one of the lucky people.


That is if you claim it and call it in. I mean, really sit with this for a minute. Think about how your life is now and realize, that good or bad you created it. No matter what, that’s power Baby! So as a powerful being with this incredible ability to call forth, create and co-create with the universe, what will you do?

Well the first thing I want you to remember is:

You are Divine and because you are Divine, the same creative spark that created the universe and from which the universe evolved from flows within You. You are Divine and you carry the universe within you. Just like you have unconsciously created the perhaps not-so-happy-daisy life you may feel you live now, you can consciously and with purpose co-create the life you actually want to live. You can open  yourself up to Lady Luck and her divine blessings.

LadyLuckOK, talk about IRONY! Just as I’m jotting all this down in my notebook (I write all my posts down in a notebook first) a friend of mine just text messages me and tells me another friend of ours –ready for this? Just won 25K from a scratch off lottery ticket! This friend is a woman who is very religious and doesn’t believe in gambling! Yet, here she is, 25K richer! See? This is what I mean about Lady Luck. I think she truly enjoys the waving her wand or spinning that wheel and then stopping it at random. Random gets her juices going!

In the next days I will be posting a part two of “Designing Your Dream 2013”. I have some ideas, tips and activities to share with you that if put to use will no doubt be beneficial in helping you put your Goddess power to work and Designing Your Dream Year to be your best year yet!

Until then lovelies!

Goddess Bless!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abigail Norman says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog, thank you for your wonderful writing. Where do I find part 2 for ‘Design Your Dreams’ please?

    1. priestessaura says:

      Thank you Abigail, for you comment. I tried to reply twice before, once being wrong thinking part 2 had been deleted and then again thinking I had the post but it was never published, both times I was wrong.

      Here is your part 2. Perhaps you found it already.

      In any case, be sure to note that I no longer keep this blog up and am solely writing from my personal blog

      Please feel free to follow me there where I’ll post my writings. Thanks and blessed be. Aura

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