What I Believe

1) That women maintain spiritual authority over themselves, their ideas and belief systems. Each woman is whole and complete unto herself and that each woman is a priestess in her own temple. The idea of the Sacred as deity, divinity, idea, archetype and/or metaphor is a personal choice to each woman; however by whichever personal view is held, in Temple the Sacred is referred to in feminine form such as “The Great Mother”, “Goddess”, “Sacred Feminine Divine Power” or occasionally neutral terms such as “The Divine”, “Holy Spirit”, Or “Divine Consciousness”.

2) We Make the conscious choice to return to and remember, reclaim and honor the Old Ways, the Old Religion, and Nature spirituality in an effort to create a vibrant, healthy and awakened consciousness and environment in which we live.

3) We Believe that knowledge of Women’s Mysteries is sacred magic and is a gift of the Goddess and a key to unleashing our own self-empowerment as Divine Females.

4) We Accept and acknowledge Gaia as the earth mother herself, as a living, breathing, self-sustaining organism. We are active participants working towards the healing and protection of the natural environment and all that exists within it.

5) We Do not seek balance but to live in harmony with all that is. We believe that chaos is as sacred as order, darkness as sacred as light and seek to co-exist with it.

6) Believe that we can overcome the negative female conditioning from our patriarchal society through awakening to and reclaiming our own inner “Goddess Power” and we owe it to ourselves to do so.

7) We Acknowledge that our mind is a part of the Infinite mind of the Sacred which contains the entire Universe within itself and that the key to unlocking the mystery of our own personal destiny is the confrontation and releasing the negative traits that hold us back.

8 ) We believe that physical realities come forth from our thoughts, actions, intentions, and prayers because we contain this same awesome Divine Goddess wisdom within our soul helping us improve our own lives and to heal the world

9) We Believe that death is not a finality but a transformation and evolution into the next stage of deeper consciousness. Through sacred ritual, we honor this mystery.

10) We believe in the power of a community of women sharing, learning and supporting one another through a sisterhood allows us to grow stronger together.

11) We acknowledge that our actions affect us three fold; mind, body and spirit and believe in individual and personal responsibility for our lives. We acknowledge that we have free will to create and manifest the most harmonious and prosperous life we can while acknowledging that others can and may infringe upon that freedom.

12) We embrace and celebrate cultural, spiritual, economic, sexual and social diversity.

13) We celebrate and honor the lunar cycles, hold to “The Wheel of the Year” seasonal celebrations and ritual as well as honor the cycles of life and changes with joyous celebration and/or meaningful recognition.