Sister Spirit Sanctuary: Sleeping Circle


Warmest and Brightest Blessings to everyone.

I haven’t updated this blog for a very long time due to the fact that I retired the open Sister Circle in Akron Ohio last year. I thought that I announced this via blog as well as closing the Facebook accounts, twitter and any other social networking as well but I see I didn’t do that.

My sincerest apologies.

The reasons I retired the circle are but a few and the most important one was “Change.” I was preparing for a change but at the time I had no idea what that specific change was going to be. As of last month my daughters and I no longer live in Akron, Ohio but in South Florida. 0-MiamiYet I retired the circle long before that. It was the inner feeling of knowing something bigger than the self was happening but not being able to put my finger on it. I just knew that retiring the circle as it were was the right thing to do.

It was needed. It was loved. It was respected. It helped many women change and transform their lives. It helped me grow as a woman and a priestess in working with these women on such a deep and intimate level. It was one of my greatest gifts and privileges to have been called on to do this work in the manner I have. It was my deepest honor to serve the women in the way that I was able. It was by Grace that I was able to be a gentle guide, a lamp holder, a torch bearer to light a path for the amazing women who have come through the circle and found their way home to themselves.

But my work in Akron, Ohio is done. I kept with a private circle of Sisters after retiring this one and before I left I did initiate two amazing women; One was with Sister Circles and the other with only the private Sister Circle but both remarkable and amazing, magical women who heard the call of Goddess in their hearts and answered.

woman-circle-sundaycircle.jpgA sacred place of women is needed in Akron Ohio, where women can honor the Goddess within them and around them. It is needed  for deep work, deep healing and empowerment. I am aware there are a few circles for women there, but none that focused work on the woman and Goddess herself manifested in that woman.

It is my sincerest wish that one day perhaps one of my own dearest priestess-sisters and spiritual daughters might pick up the torch and share the light and carry on the tradition that was passed down to them in the spirit of Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Truth and Reverence for the Goddess in all things.

My focus must be here, in south Florida in the here and now. Where I am women are thirsty. Women are seeking and like Akron, OH there is not many places they can go. I heard the Great Mother’s call. I answered. I am here. There is work to be done.


***I will still be posting on my personal blog the same types of topics and Goddessian related things. I invite you to follow me there if you haven’t already.

Blessings to one and all.



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I am not usually the triple exclamation point type. But I feel justified this time. As of this time next week, the new edition of Isis Magic will be at the printer’s going through all its “pre-production” processes.

Then, within about a month, we should have them available for purchase!!! (Oops, the exclamation points got away from me again.)

So here’s the plan. They’re going to be sold at the exact same cover price as (more than) 10 years ago—$29.95. Such a deal, right? We’re not selling them on Amazon (lots and lots of hoops). We will be selling them on our own site (which we will be constructing while the books are printing.) You’ll be able to get them via PayPal or with the credit card of your choice (you don’t have to have a PayPal account) at Right now, the site is under construction, as you…

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All Things In Divine Time

Just a gentle reminder for those who might feel lost or it’s “too late” to start creating a fabulous new year —

The moment you decide to open up to new possibilities and have new experiences is a new beginning that happened at the exact moment it was meant to.

There is no rush, there is no worries and there is no failure.  There is only Love. Do what you will when you will and do it with Love. ~

In Beauty, Love & Truth,


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Design Your Dream Year [part 2]


Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream Deep for every dream precedes the goal. –Pamela Vaull Starr

**Originally titled, “Design Your Dream 2013 part 2”  Updated to be relevant any time, any year. 

In the last  post I talked about the importance of belief. It is at the core of our ability to tap into the magic that we are swimming in and create and manifest dreams. In this post, I am sharing some things I did that helped create my wonderful and magical year in 2012.  To be completely honest, 2012 was my tester year. I kind of, shall we say, slipped into the magic by doing deep, intense shadow work the Samhain of 2011. Apparently, that world opened me up and I became available, only I wasn’t aware that’s what I was doing. I became aware and when I did, I actively got involved in the process and was still a bit wishy-washy. And even in my wishy-washy state, I manifested the most important and amazing thing and what I wanted most in the world–Love.  But that is a story for my personal blog where I’ve recorded my experiences.

But before I go on, I want to say this once, say it twice and say it three times that you do not need to wait for a new year to change your life and make it what you want it to be. Your life begins to change the moment you decide to change it. You have the power to make your life what you want by your belief that you can.

Belief is what got you where you are now in this present moment and belief is what will get you where you want to be in the future.- Aura 

Once we are comfortable with the belief and understanding  that we have this unlimited potential to create and manifest our dreams then we can move on to what’s next on the list of  my own personal “The Create Your Dream 2013 Playbook”  and that is creating an environment conducive to supporting our dream. Using the famous Rosicrucian Maxim (also known as the “Witches Pyramid”) as a guide, the environment we want to create first is the one within.

To Know is to not only believe you can have what you want manifest in your life but it is also having the clarity on what that really is. If you don’t know what you want, you will certainly never have it. And you just may end up with things you don’t really want in your life at all.

To Know falls within the realm of air and that is the realm concerned with thoughts, concentration, focus and new ideas, and inspiration. This is where we plant the seeds of our intentions for our dream of the new year.

To Will  is where you begin to create by feeling and feeding your desire, your wants and intentions. It is where you begin to manifest your dreams by taking action. This is where we make a decision and follow through with it.

To Will falls in the realm of fire and is the realm concerned with all things that you want to do, the places you want to go and the things you want to experience in your life and anything that helps you begin to move in the direction of your dreams on all levels.

To Dare is allowing yourself to trust the flow, following where it leads even if it takes it outside your normal comfort zone. You know what you want, you have the belief that what you want is within your reach so now you have to trust the current will land you in the place of your dreams. It is a daring process and requires a little more than knowing and will–it requires courage. How far are you willing to go?

To Dare falls within the realm of water and it is the realm concerned with your intuitive process, your psychic awareness and dreams. It is fluid, moving and flowing and like fire, it can help you move towards your dreams and goals. Moving water flows in a direction until it is stopped or finally reaches a lake or the ocean. Trusting the flow is trusting your own intuition will guide you to and recognize opportunities that will help you manifest your dreams. Flow~~~~~~

To Keep Silent is to understand that where focus goes, energy flows kind of thing. It is to connect yourself with Goddess, to step deep into your place of  power through silence, prayer, meditation and reflection of what you are doing. Through connecting yourself with the Divine, the Goddess/God you empowered by their energy, encouraged by their gifts of wisdom and guidance that you might not otherwise hear in the normal chatter of the mind.

To Keep Silent falls in the realm of the earth and is concerned with digging deep into the soft, cool dark earth where seeds of your dreams can sprout and grow in the darkness until the time is right to share your dreams and visions with the world. But for now, it’s for you to dance with, to connect with and build a relationship with, attach to the feeling of the dream, but not the outcome. It is also the place of gratitude. Know that you are deserving but never feel entitled to the dream. In other words, when the universe presents you with opportunities, don’t be afraid to dig deep into the earth and get your hands a little dirty to get what you want. Be grateful for what you have while on your way to get what you want. Don’t miss them because you weren’t quite what you expected them to be.

Now that we’ve created a supportive environment within, let’s create a supportive one without.

The Physical Environment.

Her Space is Sacred Space

You need your space and not just old space. No, this space is divinely feminine, imbued with your own Goddess energy. It is a space you feel comfortable relaxing, being still and creative. You can decorate this space with all the things that speak to you like special trinkets, candles, incense, plants, statuary or things related to your goals and dreams. Really make it yours.  This space can be your own bedroom or if you really lucky a spare room. Wherever you can sit down, relax your mind and get creative.

I’m all about journals and story writing. I think writing stories helps connect us more to our goals and dreams. This may not be the case for you, however, it really worked for me and therefore it’s on my how-to list that I’m sharing now.  I keep a journal on my altar and I write letters to myself, thoughts on things I want and sometimes I just write when I’m not sure what to write even if it’s just doodle (I’m a compulsive doodler) until a thought comes to me. If you find journaling difficult but are open to try it, keep in mind that it  takes 21 days to develop a habit so if you write in your journal for 21 days just three lines a day, you will find more thoughts coming to you and flowing more freely the more you write. By the time you reach day 21 you may just be filling up the pages with ideas, thoughts, feelings and dreams!

You may want to start out with some writing prompts like:

The things that matter to me most in my life are __________.

The things that I value are __________.

What I would like to achieve this year is_________.

I’m going to achieve these goals by  _________.

Story Time

Everyone has a story. A story of our past and our experiences of how we got to where we are now. Whether they be good stories or bad stories, we wrote them and lived them and now here we are. Those stories have their place and in regard to creating our Dream 2013, that place is in the past. We can not craft the future while constantly looking back. We will remain stationary, stuck and going nowhere and another type of story will emerge that we will not be happy with. And yet, we’ll have to accept that we created that too. Having said all that, the only story that you need to focus on is the one you will create and write for 2013.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” –Walt Disney

You can journal this in your journal or blog it (keep it private if you wish). Start off by making a list of the things you want since now you know.




Once you have that written out, pick out the theme of your story. Will it be an adventure, an action packed story, a romance, or one of self-discovery and spiritual? The themes are endless and the story is yours. It can be anything you want and however you desire. The idea here is to just get writing. Once you start writing, even if you think it’s silly, write anyway! Write yourself in your own fairytale wish come true style. Write it as a novel, write it anyway you want but just write!

For example:

“It was the year 2013 and Aura decided to venture out and see what magic she could create. She first decided that she wanted a new car but she needed to decide what type. Although she was more than grateful to her best friend, for the use of her vehicle any time she needed to, it was getting old. So she set out first by trying to decide what kind of car would suite her and her family best. A sports utility? As flashy sports car? A luxury car? Would it be brand new car or a used car within five years? As Aura set about her journey she decided that she would get herself a  _________.”

Or example two:

“This year is the year that I, Aura  will dream and dream big and not only will I dream big but I will manifest these dreams by 1. Believing in myself, 2. Knowing what I want and 3. Seeing it happen in my mind every day by my own thoughts and viewing my dream board. 4. Surrounding myself in an environment with people and things that support my dreams. The over all theme of 2013 is Spiritual. Radiate Love. I want my life this year to radiate love, compassion and forgiveness so that everything I do comes from a place of love and my life will be filled with light, joy and happiness…”

These are only two examples but you can write your story any way you want to. It’s your story, it’s as unique as you are.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. –Henry David Thoreau

Dream Board

I don’t know about you, but I think the best stories come with pictures! I love picture books the best, they give me an idea of what the author intended and helps me hold the vision. Powerful and inspiring words help too. Creating a dream board to reflect your story can be a powerful tool in helping you manifest your dreams. If you want to, after you finish writing your story you can make the story from your dream board. Much like a movie concepts start with movie boards using and ideas to tell the story they intend to share through making a movie.

Making a dream board is not necessary to create to achieve your dreams but it does make it easier and a whole lot more fun! It also inspires you to get active and look for images that resonate with you, which in turn helps you realize even more what you truly want. They can help you align your personal vision, goals and dreams with your potential. If your dreams are supported by your visions they become empowered and magnetic drawing these things to you and you to them. The images, photos and inspiring words and phrases you choose help set the stage allowing you to develop real feelings and attach emotion to your dream, much like the feeling and emotion one has for a lover in the sense of feeling and attachment to the dream itself. Words have the tremendous ability to change your life and evoke powerful emotion from deep within which can be a catalyst for change.  It’s the emotion and feeling of the reality of the dream you want to attach to, not the outcome and dream boards help you create and support that.

Dream Altar

A vital part of having a dream board is being able to see it, to feel it and connect with the visions and goals and place yourself in that board. Many people seem to miss this step, placing either too many things on their board and therefore lose focus and/or they don’t place it strategically in a place they can see it every day, often several times a day and connect with it. Personally, I like the idea of a dream altar. I create altars all the time for different purposes, some for display like the holidays, or seasons and some for ritual and some with other purposes or any purpose I can think of or feel I have need.

The creation of an altar is a sacred act and ritual all unto itself. The most important step in altar creation is determining your intention for it. In this case, it can be for dreams and a place to display your dream board with all your dreams and goals and intentions on it. You may find a beautiful altar cloth or any piece of fabric that resonates with you, makes you feel connected to your purpose and dreams. You may find the appropriate colored candles and incense holders to burn incense. You may want to add trinkets that relate to any of your dreams you have in your dream board.

For example:

You want a new car and you know the specific make and model you can place a key ring with the emblem of that car on your altar. You may even want to put a key on it too.

You altar space can also be your creative Her space or Goddess space, dream space, whatever you want to call it. It’s all sacred. You are co-creating and manifesting these dreams and goals so it’s important to remember you need to be active and ‘work this’ to remain connected and generate magnetic energy that will keep drawing these things to you and you to them, or find yourself with opportunities to obtain the wants and in positions to gain the experiences, etc…. Making the dream board, creating that altar isn’t enough. You must create and build your relationship with the visions you hold.

To do this, you may want to spend a few moments every day in this space at your dream altar, looking at your dream board as you would look at a picture of a lover. It’s with that same emotional intensity that turns you on to the vibration of what you see. Light your candles, burn your incense and take no less than 10 minutes to be in the flow of creation. Play music if you’d like, anything to get you turned on and tuned in. You may even want to write an intention prayer to recite every day as you are in your dreamy place for a few moments as the power of words, as I stated can have a dramatic over all effect on your emotional, mental and spiritual ability to connect to the visions.

Remember to always give gratitude before you leave your dream space, giving thanks for all that you have now as you are working towards the dreams and goals you want. Never feel entitled.

This doesn’t have to be time-consuming at all but it shouldn’t be rushed either. This isn’t crash course co-creation. Crash diets don’t work, neither does crash magic. Remember, these are your visions, your dreams you make the time and connect!

Gratitude Journal

As you are experiencing and witnessing your visions and dreams come true, you might also want to create a special board or journal for all the things you achieve along the way. You can do it in the same manner as you did with the dream board or you can use your Gratitude Journal with a photo or image of each goal attained and a story behind it. The how, the when and whatever else feels right. Be creative! It’s all your story coming true!375267_505301446168812_835025375_n

Other ideas are:

Use affirmations and mantras that support your goal.

Read inspiring quotes that support your dreams. Attach a different one to your email, write them on sticky notes and use an app for your cell phone that sends those type directly to your phone or flashes across the screen.

Ask others who have attained some of the goals you wish how they did it.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you– Matthew: 7:7 KJ Bible

If you begin to doubt yourself, spend some time in your space, reflecting and going within. For every negative doubt that pops in your head, telling you can’t manifest your dreams (and it will happen) speak out loud three more reasons why you can, you will and you are manifesting your dream.

Share your dreams and visions only with those who truly support you. Unfortunately, there are those who aren’t ready to see and embrace the magic around themselves and therefore they can not envision anyone else doing it either. You do not want their negativity to bring you down. Only surround yourself with those who shine as bright as you do!

Now is not the time to relax. Relaxed people don’t get much done. Oh, yes to manifest your dreams you have to stay passionate, hyped up and excited while keeping an eye out for any sign and symbol from the universe that you are on the right path to your dreams. The universe is always speaking to us. Attach yourself to the dream in every way you can and you will find it is attaching itself to you!

But most importantly, believe in yourself , your ability and know that you can manifest and hold the vision every day and don’t be afraid to step up and step in your power and recognize every opportunity as it presents itself.

Fall in love with your dream. And let it fall it love with you.



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Let’s stay in the Isis cult in late antiquity and talk a bit about some Isiac votive figurines that I find, well, completely charming. They are usually identified as images of Isis-Aphrodite and they show the Goddess either totally nude, but for a Vegas Showgirl-sized headdress and a lot of attitude, or lifting up Her skirts to give us all a good look at “the naughty bits.”

Why do I find them so charming? Mostly, it’s the expression on their faces as they bare themselves to our sight. Their expressions are never of the smiling, fuck-me, Playboy-approved type. Often, they gaze directly at you—or even past you—looking serious or self-possessed, or sometimes even a bit disgusted with you for looking at them like that. Sometimes, I’m sure this was due to the skill of the artist or the fact that these were mostly molded and mass-produced terracottas. Othertimes, I wonder…

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Goddess Of Beginnings, Mother of Waters: Yemaya

Yemaya’s Wisdom:

I am the force that swirls beneath the surface,

She who connects Sea and Sky,

the Infinite Mother who reclaims you.

Feel the sand beneath your feet, hold the conch to your ear,

gaze upon My Blue,

and you know Me.

Submit your troubles upon Me,

cast your cares into the heart of the ocean that is Me.

I will nurture you,

wipe your tears,

soothe the anger,

and shelter you from the coming storms.

In your surrender, I become your voice.

In the giving over, I become your freedom.

Daughter, come home, and allow Me

to make whole

that which is incomplete

~Brandi Auset

In mythology, the West African and Caribbean Goddess of creation, the sea, moon, ocean and healing is Yemaya. She is considered to be a guardian of women and keeper of our mysteries.

Because Yemaya governs over conception and birth of children, she is often invoked for her aid. Yemaya blesses, protects children and ensures their safety during childhood, until they reach puberty.

According to myth, Yemaya was raped by her own son and as a result, she became pregnant. After laying a curse on him, causing his death, she chose to die as well and went up onto the peak of a mountain. When she died, the uterine waters of her womb broke, the oceans, the rivers and the fourteen Yoruban Goddesses and Gods, called Orishas, were created. The first human woman and man were born from her womb as well and they became the parents of all mortals on earth. Because of this, she is personified as oceans and bodies of water and mermaids.

Although she may be called on at any time, a most powerful time to call upon Yemaya’s energies is at times of new beginnings such as the Springtime, New Years and new moons.

Attributes:  Merciful, protective, compassionate, nurturing, comforting, maternal

Symbols:   Seashells, an open shell, the Moon, bodies of water and the six pointed star.

Stones: Turquoise, light blue crystals, mother-of-pearl, and coral.

Flowers: Trout Lily and Sea Lavender.

Fragrance: Tea Rose, Sandalwood, Lilac and Frangipani

Feast & Festival Days:  Summer Solstice, July 6, October 26, December 12, December 31

Colors: Blue, Silver and White

 She is said to be fond of melons so an offering of melons.

Yemaya Invocation:

Goddess who is Mother of All,

Queen of the Deep Sea,

Protectress of women –

Allow your presence to be known throughout this sacred space.

We who call upon you as Yemaya

Our Mother, Our Womb of Creation,

ask that your love rolls and washes over us as the waves of the ocean,

as the rivers from your breasts.

Yemaya, Mother Whose Children are Fish

You who are comfort, inspiration, and forgiveness

We call you forth to enter our hearts.

~Brandi Auset

The Story of Yemaya – by Luisah Teish:

Once there was a beautiful woman by the name of Ye-ma-ya, who looked into the waters of the ocean. There She saw Her own reflection and asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought I was the prettiest thing that the World had ever seen!”

And as She looked on that woman there came a rumbling in Her belly and it grew and it grew until it exploded and covered the land with lakes, rivers, and streams.

Yemaya looked into the water of the river and there again She saw that woman and asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought that I was the prettiest thing that the World had ever seen!”

And again Her belly grew and it grew and grew till it exploded and sprinkled the heavens with stars and a Full Moon.

Yemaya looked in the Full Moon, and again She asked, “Who is that beautiful woman? I thought I was the prettiest thing that the world had ever seen!”

And again Her belly grew, and it grew and it grew until it exploded! And before Her stood thousands of beautiful women.

Yemaya asked, “Who are you beautiful women? I thought that I was the prettiest thing the world had ever seen!”

The women looked deep into the eyes of Yemaya and there they saw their own reflections.

So the women said to Yemaya, “You are! We’re just you!”

May the Blessings of Yemaya be with you all in this New Year!


Other Resources:

Images: Royalty Free and Google Images

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Winter Solstice Blessings

Winter Blessings

Blessings of the Winter Solstice be with all of you, sisters and friends.

Today we honor the Winter Solstice also called “The shortest day/longest night of the year”.  For many of us who follow a nature based path, or neo-pagan path, this is one of the eight sacred holiday celebrations observed in our “Wheel of the Year“. We honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year by tuning in and aligning our energies with nature and the energies in Her eternal sacred dance of life.

The word solstice means “sun standing still”. The word comes from the Latin sol which means ‘sun’, and the word sistere which means to ‘stand still’.  Which is why, personally speaking, I’ve never quite understood as it being “The shortest day/longest night” considering the sun sits still (hence the word solstice meaning “sun standing still” ) in its position for three days after the moment of the solstice. Unless of course, we consider the longest night as being the three days of shortest light. Things to make you go hmm….

In any case, for us here in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is when the earth is at the maximum axial or most southern tilt away from the sun where the sun will “stay still” for three days.  The sun rises from this spot of stillness but it will make no movement north yet. Finally, on the third day, it makes its first waxing movement north again. The  first movement north will fall on December 25th, Christmas day this year. This is when the new light will begin to linger longer.  It is the Sacred re-birth of the Sun for our new solar year.

Seasons of the Sun

For our Christian friends, this day has metaphorical as well as literal meaning for them. The birth of the savior, the son (sun)of Mary, (Goddess) Jesus’s mother and Queen of Heaven.

The Re-birth of the Sun personified as the Birth of the Son of God

For pagans and those who walk a Goddess path, there is no one set mythology and belief we hold to. But the general concept behind most myths, regardless of culture or specific tradition is that a Goddess has given birth to the Sun god again. It would appear that most of religious ideas and concepts, besides coming from an innate need to believe in something greater and bigger than ourselves also comes from revolving around the biggest star of our solar system-The Sun.

Sistere: To Stand Still

The winter solstice is a time to turn inward, to pause and reflect. It is a sacred quiet, twilight and dream time to honor the stillness within. The fairy godmother, sound priestess and mentor, Ariel Spilsbury says, to listen for inner wisdom, we must first  “pool the silence.”  This is Nature’s invitation for us to do so. Yes, we may feel like we need to hurry up and get the last-minute shopping finished, set food and house preparations for company in for the holiday, but Goddess in all Her infinite wisdom says take this time and, “Be still. Be Silent. Rest.”

Here are just a few ways we can do this:

  • Taking 30 deep breaths and exhale. Pause. Release and let go.
  • Take a 10 to 15 minute walk around the neighborhood or in your own yard and observe what is going on around you. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment.
  • Turn off the phone, the pc, the telly and curl up on the couch in a blanket, with a hot cuppa and your journal. Burn some incense, play soft music or nothing at all. “Pool the silence” and journal your thoughts,reflections and feelings about this time of year. Allow yourself 15-to 30 minutes. You deserve it.
  • Nourish the body and take that nap when you need it.

Sun at Solstice

These are just a few things that can help us tend to our inner flame as it begins to grow and wax once more with the sun’s joyous and glorious return.
May the return of light of this solstice season be bright and bring you many joys and much happiness in both your inner and outer world. And So It Is!
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Speaking Goddess

Set your Goddess Free!

Every woman has a Goddess inside of her who has something to say, something she wants to create and places she’d like to go. Some women let their Goddess shine brightly while others aren’t even aware She exists within!

Sometimes I think, “How can this be? How can a woman not know that she has a beautiful, enchanting, seductive, intelligent, fiery, fierce and creative Goddess within her own Self?”

Then I remember:

We have long been taught to forget Her.

My Goddess wants to speak for today She has something to say to all of my beautiful sisters out there.

“Today in this very moment, you sister, friend, reader…you ARE beautiful. Do you know how incredibly gorgeous you are just as you are this second? At home in your lounge pants and lazy up-do, or in your work clothes being the “Working Goddess” that you are, peering into the screen to read these words. Yes, that’s right,YOU Goddess. YOU are just a beautiful, incredible, amazing woman and you know what? ILOVE YOU. That’s right. I LOVE YOU and I need you to wake up and SEE me within. I need you to remember that when you look into the mirror to fix your make-up, or brush your hair that behind those eyes is ME, YOUR GODDESS looking out at you. I long for you to RECOGNIZE & BEHOLD ME in ALL of MY BEAUTIFUL and DIVINE glory and LOVE ME. And know that when you LOVE ME, you LOVE YOU because we–you and me, yes us–we are ONE and if you TRUST & FOLLOW ME, I shall lead you to YOUR BLISS!!”

Now, today at this moment is a good of time as any to begin “Following Your Bliss” Beautiful Ones! One of the best ways we can do that is by opening up and listening to what our inner Goddess is saying. She will lead the way. All we need to do is show up, trust, surrender, (that’s a tough one for many of us but we gotta try!!) and follow where She leads our heart.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell

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That’s Why Goddess Made Washing Machines!

If you wouldn’t wear your dirty laundry out in public, then why air about it on Facebook?

With good reason, this was my status message this morning.

Almost all of us who have a Facebook or have been part of any other social network have been guilty a time or two ourselves of posting our ‘dirty laundry’ for the world to see. Sometimes we get worked up and we just do it, needing a place to vent about some grievance we have over this or that. We share these annoyances and grievances with our friends in hopes of getting the support we are seeking and affirming that we are not alone or that we are right to be upset. Sometimes it is a good outlet. Sometimes as my dear friend Bobbi said, “It’s There A Py”. Sometimes we just need to be “heard” and seen.

But then there are those who seem to take it a little too far. Those who feel the need to call attention to a person or situation that upset them and share all the intimate details–their dirty laundry–of whatever the particular situation was for all of Facebook to see.

We can do the innuendo, we can dance and sing
When it’s said and done, we haven’t told you a thing
We all know that crap is king, give us dirty laundry

I also see on many occasions, the passive-aggressive woman in action as well. When she gets upset with someone and feels wronged by this person, she will not address them personally and in private with the intention to listen, in hopes of coming to some sort of resolution.  Instead, she will use Facebook and post all day long little nasty comments that have some reference to the issues to which she has taken. The comments are indirectly but undeniably aimed towards this specific person/s.

She might even post related articles that address the topic of what she feels mirrors her situation. She may post hints and clues as to whom she is talking about but never come out right and say anything for certain so that when she is finally confronted with it she can say, “Oh, you just assumed I was talking about you.”  …Weren’t you?

Goddess Mind

As soon as I see this I realize that this sister is not coming from a place of peace and power. Sometimes it’s hard to do that when you are pissed off. I get it. Been there, done that. I am no angel, I too have made a snarky remark here and there in a status update or two about someone or another who has ticked me off but because I’m conscious of it, I try not to do it at all. It’s the being conscious of our behavior that makes the difference. Are we in reacting mode or are we engaging our Goddess Mind which allows us to respond wisely?

As a Priestess, however, a Goddess woman in service to others and a woman with her Goddess Mind actively engaged doesn’t typically post her ‘dirty laundry’ for the world to see. Oh sure, on occasion she might wax hot and even rant if the moment calls for it but whatever personal issue she might take with another person, especially one she has on her immediate friend list, she will deal with privately and from a place of reason, a place of power and a place of peace.

As Goddess women and Priestesses who serve Her women and community, how we handle things, especially those things that have the tendency to tick us off, is of vital importance. If we are using a social network to network with other people, we can expect to be seen, heard and our character as such judged. And whether we like it or not, that is just the way it is.

It’s imperative that we who claim the honored title of Priestess are conscious of how we present ourselves to the rest of the world, including Facebook. We don’t need to put on airs and pretend either as that would not be authentic and true.

We need only to be ourselves and come from the center of our being within the Goddess Mind. We also need to consciously activate and fully engage our Goddess Mind. When we are acting from this place within the Goddess Mind, we are acting in accordance to and in alignment with our higher purpose.

We are human beings and we have and express a full range of emotions. If we don’t, then something is wrong. However, when we are fully engaging our Goddess Mind, we can filter these emotions as they rise to the surface and we have a better chance of being able to respond vs reacting to situations that get make us upset or angry.

This is something I actively pursue every day. I am fully aware that failing to handle issues from a place of power and peace is not in alignment with my Divine purpose on this planet.

As a spiritually conscious woman and a Priestess of Goddess, I understand that when the Goddess Mind is activated, we continue to grow and unfold into Her mysteries consciously. As Priestesses with Goddess Mind fully engaged, we find that we do not complain about the world and we do not explain away our actions. We are at the center of our being, a place of peace and a place of power. It is in this center place that we have the full 360 degree range of vision to see everything in our immediate realm. We see what needs to be seen, what issues need to be addressed and all of our dirty laundry that needs to be washed. And we do it with quiet grace and dignity. We do not complain. We do not explain.

We are empowered women fully activating our Goddess Mind who use washing machines to do our own dirty laundry. After all, that’s  why Goddess made them!

In Love and Laughter,


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December 5th Sister Social

Our Sister Social last week was quite nice. We met some new faces and the atmosphere was cozy…after of course, we could find space inside that is!

The artsy little coffee shop is a nice setting but we will definitely be switching the venue starting next week. The Angel Falls Cafe was chosen because Borders was closed and I didn’t really want to go to Panera’s although they do have a private party room you can reserve for free.

Yesterday however, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that BAM! a.k.a Books-a-Million is now where my Borders used to be! Oh happy days are back! So that is where the next (and probably future ones–we’re still feeling all that out yet) Sister Socials will be.

Monday, December 5th from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m 

BAM! (Books-A-Million)

335 Howe Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

(where Borders used to be)

In the Joe Muggs Cafe area. 

I am admittedly too lazy to write another announcement for Sister Socials and I edited the original post. I will condense it further and then probably post it to Witch Vox and if I’m feeling extra daring, I might even print out fliers. Ooh, better watch out! Never know what I might do.

Hope to see you there!

Love and Magick,